Tracy in conversation with the Leaders Council

🔶 I was truly delighted to speak on the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s podcast!

Scott Challinor and I had a fantastic conversation exploring leadership trends, the power of mindset, how much potential we all have and then how leaders can unlock all of this to become MULTIPLIERS.

It was wonderful to be able to share how my commercial and leadership experience now fuse together with the leadership mindset and business coaching I do with fantastic founders.

🔶 The Leaders Council is an amazing organisation that provides so much support to Leaders from networking and podcasts to name just a few – well worth checking them out!

I love adding value to leaders so thank you again for the invitation!

📌 You can listen to the podcast here



Enjoy listening to it over the next few days

👉🏽 I’m curious – which podcasts do you find valuable to listen to?

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The Top 5 Habits Every Extraordinary Founder Has

Recently one of my clients – an ambitious founder – asked me,

“Tracy, what are the top habits of an extraordinary founder?”

In my career, I’ve seen over and over that some of the most successful founders all share similar habits or mindset, so it wasn’t difficult for me to give an answer.

Today, I’m sharing the same answer with you, too.

📌 Here are the top 5 habits of every extraordinary founder:  

1 – Being Intentional about how you are showing up 

Intentionality is the heart of impactful results. In fact, the more you intentionally decide how you show up and what kind of action you take, the quicker you will be able to achieve the results you want.

Successful founders are very self-aware about who they are, their thoughts and actions. They consistently work on upgrading their identity, so that who they are and their mindset can support the type of business results they aspire to.

If you’re not sure on how to intentionally choose how to show up and consequently upgrade your identity, my tip is to think or write about the version of yourself who’s already achieved your goals; what are the main 3 qualities you will be displaying? Choose qualities that feel authentic and are new to you. Once you’ve identified them, make a conscious effort to embody them starting from today. It might feel slightly odd in the beginning, but in no time will you be able to show up as the leader you need to be to move quicker towards bigger results.

2 – Creating times of stillness 

As leaders we’re constantly on the go, juggling many things and dealing with inputs from every side. That’s why it’s important to create time to regain our headspace.

Some of the top performers in the world speak about how great meditation or mindfulness can be for their results – and that’s because these activities can give a chance to quieten the mind, to refocus and prioritise.

Most importantly, they can be tools to sharpen the decision-making process and unlock more creativity when it comes to problem-solving. Plus, you can use meditation or mindfulness as a chance to reconnect to your vision and goals.

3 – Harnessing razor-sharp focus

How focused are you as a leader? Do you know what high-value areas you need to focus on to achieve your goals?

Extraordinary founders don’t waste time on low value tasks or activities that are distracting them from impactful results; they know how to delegate and prioritise, so they can be solely focused on those areas that are going to move the needle on their business.

A quick way to become more focused is to learn to be critical of your to-do list or any activities that make up your day. Take some time to look at everything you do, critically evaluate whether those activities need your sole attention and score the type of impact they have on your results. Once you’ve done this you will be able to decide what the highest value and most impactful areas are for you to focus on and then delegate the rest to your team. If you don’t have a team, do the high value tasks in the morning and then see if you can get some support, even on an hourly basis, to take off the parts that really drain you.

4 – Proactively leveraging Visualisation to achieve big results 

Visualisation is another powerful tool that leaders, top athletes and high achievers leverage on the daily to to shape and create the results they want. It works because it helps your mind to be ready for what you want to achieve, and conditions it to see (and feel) the success of your future goals.

To proactively leverage visualisation, think of the result you are aiming for and create a scene in your mind that would imply you have already achieved it. What would you be seeing? What would you be saying? How would others be interacting with you? And very importantly, what would you feel? Play this often as a movie in your mind and feel it as real.

5 – Asking powerful questions 

Last but not least – asking powerful questions to your team and yourself is one of the best habits you can have as a founder.

Questions can provoke insights that are game changing. They allow your team to become proactive and innovative, because you’re not spoon-feeding them with the answers.

Try for example to ask questions such as,

“What can be done to double our revenue? What changes do you think are needed to achieve our goals? How can we improve our customers’ retention?”

You will be surprised to see the world of possibilities that can open up when you genuinely engage in asking questions.

Of course, extraordinary founders are also good at asking themselves powerful questions, because they know these can trigger thinking and provoke meaningful reflections. Put some time aside and ask yourself,

“What’s going well? What do I need to improve? What impact am I having?”

Habits can take time to form and they require a big dose of discipline and willpower. But when you start to intentionally implement these 5 habits in your daily life as a founder, as a leader, you will start to see your results sky rocket.

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The Most Underestimated Skill of Leadership

🔶 As Leaders, we always want to improve, outgrow our old selves and make sure our leadership skills are exceeding (our own) expectations.

We’re constantly invited to put work and attention into things such as communication, emotional intelligence, our own expertise, management techniques and more.

📌 Yet, I believe none of that can make an impactful difference unless you’re tapping into a basic skills that’s often underestimated:


🔔 While many believe it is something we’re simply born with, self-awareness is a skill that – like any other – can be developed.

If you’re a leader, it’s definitely a skill you want to invest time and energy in.


🚀 Because it’s at the core of creating the results we want and multiplying them exponentially.

When we increase our self awareness, we can understand the type of ripple effect (positive or negative) we’re having on our environment and those around us.

Self awareness is the gateway to become a Multiplier and achieve the success we aspire to.

It helps us see how we are showing up, who we are being, the impact we’re making and how we’re performing.

In my work with founders and CEOs, I see they have great vision and work really hard towards it. Yet, they’re often feeling frustrated and stressed because the results are not what they expected.

Maybe they realise their own performance is lacking, or maybe they observe low retention rates and a team that’s not working as it should.

Of course, they start to question why that’s happening and what it is that’s truly holding them back.

Most of the time, the answer can be found in a lack of self awareness.

You see, when you start to look deeper at yourself, suddenly a whole new perspective opens up, leading us to better:

  • Internal self awareness
  • External self awareness

As leaders we need to have a great balance of both, if we want to achieve next-level results.

✅ When we increase our Internal Self Awareness, we can clearly see our values, goals, aspirations. This helps us to then evaluate our feelings, thoughts and actions and the impact they’re having on our work or environment. Internal self awareness also plays a key role in giving us motivation to chase our vision, define it and fully live it. It shows us our strengths and blindspots, so we know exactly what to leverage and what to change to make disruptive progress.

✅ On the other hand, increased External Self Awareness gives us a chance to look at how others are evaluating those actions and being affected by them. This comes particularly handy when leading teams; think for example about what would happen if you made a decision you believed was motivational for your team, but that ended up making them feel demotivated. Without external self awareness, you wouldn’t be able to understand why their performance is dropping and they’re becoming less engaged. You’d just feel frustrated and unsure about how to best face this obstacle.

As I also mentioned above, higher levels of self awareness act as a gateway to become a Multiplier and be a more impactful and effective leader. 

By tuning into both your internal and external self awareness, you are able to:

  • Understand how you’re showing up
  • Your impact on clients and teams and how it affects retention, loyalty and productivity
  • Improve your emotional intelligence, so you know how to inspire and motivate others
  • Become a more effective communicator and be aware of how your message is landing
  • Have higher levels of resilience and effectiveness and show up with more authenticity
  • Unlock maximum levels of potential to create bigger impact within your organisation and industry

As you can see, self awareness can really be a game changer for founders.

👉🏽 So let me ask you: are you actively working on increasing your self awareness? How does your internal self awareness compare to the external one? What could you do today to develop more self awareness?

If you want to explore your current levels of self awareness and learn how you could increase this fundamental skill, feel free to book a complimentary call with me at this link.

I can’t wait to support you on this exciting and transformational journey

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Are you tripping yourself up?

🔶 According to the dictionary, the definition of a blindspot is:

A literal or metaphorical area where a person’s view is obstructed.

In business, we encounter many blindspots and all of them can be hugely damaging; whether it’s the blindspots of our team, its members or a specific department, they can hold you back, hide a problem you didn’t know was there and stop you from speedily moving forward to achieve the big results you’re seeking.

📌 The toughest blindspots though are those we have ourselves as leaders.

When I work with my clients, as we look at why certain results are not being met, I love to leverage a tool called Enneagram to look at current strengths and potential blindspots. Often, as we go through the results, leaders will not necessarily recognise their own blindspots and will react with surprise.

😀 This was the case with Dan (not his name) when we worked together.

Dan has a massive heart, he is a strong founder, very action-oriented and dynamic. His presence can be easily felt by everyone in the room and he has an innate ability to solve problems and quickly come up with implementable solutions. He wants the absolutely best for his business and he truly seeks to make a meaningful difference within his industry. When he came to me, he was frustrated at some of his results and team dynamics.

Once we started to review his Enneagram results, a blindspot presented itself; he realised that because of his approach, his team saw him as intimidating, which led to them shutting down and not taking enough ownership or initiative within their work.

As soon as we named his blindspot, 🤭 he felt incredulous. I paused for a moment to allow him to think and process the information and as soon as he did, shock prevailed.

🔶 Appearing intimidating was the last thing he wanted and before this moment he had never seen that part of his behaviour as a blindspot for his business. Once he did though, the fog lifted. Now he knew exactly what his blindspot was, how it was impacting his business and what he needed to do to change it and get closer to his goals.

Of course, this is just an example, but there are tens of blindspots that can affect a leader and that might be damaging his/her business.

🔔 That’s why self-awareness is a key tool for any founder, CEO or entrepreneur who wants to truly make an impact and achieve next-level results; only by being curious about your strengths, weaknesses and the hidden opportunities will you be able to multiply your results and lead your company towards unprecedented success.

👉🏽 So let me ask you, have you ever stopped to think about your blindspots? 

🤔 Do you think there’s one in particular that’s currently holding you back from achieving what you want? 

🤔 How do you need to adjust your side or rear-view mirror to get a better sight of your blindspots? 

Please comment below and let me know what you think are the most common blindspots for leaders like yourself!

And if you need a little extra help to shed some light on what’s holding you back, remember to book a consultation call with me here

Have a great rest of your day

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Why Leading YOURSELF FIRST Matters

🔶  Experts tend to agree that people typically use only about 10% of their potential.

If you are a high performer, like my clients, you’re probably functioning at 3 – 4x the typical levels. That would still mean you are only functioning at a staggering 30 – 40% of your potential! 

How do we unlock more?

From working with Founders I have seen that magic happens when they fundamentally shift their focus FROM leading others and taking constant action TO leading themself first.

🤔 So you might ask – why does leading myself first help me to unlock more potential?

Intentionally leading yourself first enables you to:

✅  Supercharge your ability and confidence to inspire and develop a high performance team 

 ✅  Boost your levels of energy and wellbeing so you discover new opportunities

 ✅  Create spectacular growth in your revenue, margins and profits 

This was the case of John (not his real name) when he started working with me.

He knew that he could achieve more. He had a great vision and he felt a huge level of frustration because he was not unlocking his potential and reaching the levels of profits, margins and growth he aspired to and knew he was capable of.

He was focused on working harder and looking at what he could do to create the change.

Yet, his effort wasn’t reflected in his results; more challenges kept emerging, his team was underperforming and his stress was increasing, while energy levels were going down.

💡 Initially, he was surprised when I said that to be a great leader you have to learn to lead yourself first.

But once we started this journey and explored his mindset and psychology, it turned out to be really transformational for John.

He really related to his mind being like a snow dome. When the snow dome is shaken up and we are not leading ourselves intentionally, we feel agitated and misaligned. We lack clarity and focus and have no headspace to be creative.

But when we pause and are mindful, we allow our thoughts to settle like the snow in the dome and we gain a new level of clarity, focus, serenity and energy – and those around us pick up on this. We start to tune into the blindspots and limiting beliefs that have been holding us back and we can intentionally create shifts that not only make us feel calmer and more confident, but that make us more impactful, effective and productive!

📌  I shared with him a study on self awareness that was carried out with 60,000 leaders: 80% thought they were self aware but actually only a shocking 15% were.

🤔 So I asked him:

  • What if you are one of the 85% who are not self aware?
  • What unintended impact might you be having on your team and your results?

The penny was dropping – maybe he wasn’t quite as self aware as he thought.  Maybe that’s why he was experiencing repetitive challenges with his team.

He was seeing light at the end of the tunnel – his enthusiasm was growing.  His desire to create an impact was increasing.

He was curious and willing to experiment.

☀️ To lead himself effectively, he had to increase his self awareness, upgrade his mindset, style and approach to be fully in line with the new level of commercial results he wanted.

He needed to tune into the type of leadership that would be empowering and impactful and would enable him to lead a high performance team.

He got an extra burst of energy when I shared the work of Liz Wiseman on Multiplier leadership – which shows how leaders with a specific “Multiplier” mindset can extract and expand TWICE the potential and intelligence of their staff than the average leader.

🏆 Wow, leading himself would double the impact of his team!  This was a no brainer!

He started to step out of his comfort zone more and more.

He allowed me to challenge and disrupt his thinking.

He felt inspired.  He played with new levels of possibility and opportunities.  He was more regularly in a state of flow.

He started to see himself as a leader who now had 8 figure profits and had multiplied his potential and that of his team.

He experimented with new approaches with his team and the results were spectacular.  The team said they felt his change. They also felt he had a new level of belief in them, which made them feel energised, more efficient and thriving with innovation. They were stunned by his change and very grateful too!

🚀 This led him to increasing revenues by 600%.

I see that leading yourself is as important as yeast is to creating the perfect loaf of bread.  It is the essential ingredient that enables you to create the alignment you need to multiply your results and your impact.

But maybe you are wondering – this might have worked for John but how can I be sure this is going to be an effective use of my valuable time?

🔔 You see we need to remember that we are the source of all our results.

That’s why leading yourself first enables you to dramatically unlock more potential of your own and others, which in turn leads to multiply growth in every part of your life, business, wellbeing, leadership and family.



I’m curious, how much more potential could you unlock if you more intentionally led yourself first?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Have a great rest of your day

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Here’s What the Lionesses’ Win Can Teach Founders

🏆 I’m sure you’ve witnessed or heard of the recent success the English Women’s Football Team achieved in the Euro 2022 final.

🔶 The team has been incredible, but as many experts pointed out, none of it would have been possible without Sarina Wiegman as their coach.

Sarina joined the team with a clear goal and admirable devotion towards it. She knew exactly what she wanted the team to achieve and she did everything she could to lead them there.

She encouraged the Captain to act like a true leader and showed her how to make sure the team would work as a whole towards a common goal. With her approach, Sarina instilled the right belief and mindset in the Captain, who then passed it on to her teammates.

Of course, even before Sarina Wiegman joined the Lionesses back in September 2021, they were working hard. The talent, performance, skills – they were all there. However, these women clearly needed a shift, an adjusted direction, a tweak in their mindset – as well as their strategy – to achieve such unprecedented success. 🚀

🤔 At this point, you might be wondering why or how this is relevant to you as a leader.

📌 Well, when I work with founders like you, I take on the role of Sarina.

☀️ I work with you to strengthen or build that next-level mindset that can help you achieve your biggest, boldest goals to date.

🔶 Great success doesn’t only depend on or come from strategy; in fact, strategy is just one of the components you need to multiply your results.

And once you’ve changed that mindset and belief, you can be an even greater Captain to your own team. You can coach them towards success and new results, show them how to harness their talent into incredible performances and make sure everyone is working to achieve something big, together.

Sarina got to know them, unified their goal, understood what motivated them to go the extra mile and expanded the potential of both the Captain and the team.

🚀 This is exactly what a Leadership and Mindset Coach can do for you and your team – they can bring out something that was unimaginable, exceptional and support you on your journey towards the next-level results.

What could your business achieve if you knew how to extract more potential from yourself and your team and increase performance by 50%?

🤔 What would your life and overall satisfaction look like if you found a way to increase productivity without hurting (but actually enhancing) your work-life balance?

🤔 And how would your team respond if you saw them as and empowered them to be the main source of your business results?

These are just a few of the questions I pose to my clients when we start our work together and once they open their mind to these new possibilities, the sky becomes the limit. I’m always excited to see what we can create for them and their team and I’ve witnessed incredible shifts in results.

📣I know that the true magic resides in the leaders slowing down and leading themselves first, looking at their beliefs, mindset and potential, as well as those of their team – because once they understand how to shift, lift and expand these, they can create a sense of togetherness, motivation and high-performance that can radically change the course of their business and industry.

👉🏽 So let me ask you, what would change for you if you were to work with someone like Sarina Wiegman by your side? How much quicker would you be able to achieve your goals or inspire your team to help you disrupt and impact your sector? 

If just thinking about the answers to these questions excite you and motivate you, feel free to DM me and book a complimentary call with me to learn more about how I can support you on this journey towards exceptional results.

I look forward to hearing from you

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🔶 Talks of the recession are all over newspapers, TV and the internet.

Everywhere we look, there’s someone pointing out that a recession is inevitable, inflation is soaring, the cost of living is increasing rapidly and businesses are potentially going to experience new pressures and challenges.

If we stop for a moment and reflect on what these conversations are doing, we soon realise that they’re predominantly creating fear and insecurity.

🤔 After all, do we really know for sure that the recession is going to come and if it does that it will affect us negatively?

📣 How would it feel to look at it as an OPPORTUNITY, rather than a problem? 

You see, it’s very easy to shrink and retreat when you’re constantly bombarded with negative messages around financial pressure or uncertainty; you might even find yourself less confident and dealing with a crippling self-doubt that doesn’t allow you to truly shine in what you do.

📌 On the other hand, when we change the way we look at a potential recession and label it as a great time to thrive, grow and strengthen our businesses – suddenly it all seems more exciting.

Opportunities open up and new aspirations can lead our everyday efforts.

As leaders, we cannot let talks in the media get the best of us and trigger our emotional responses. In fact, those we lead look at us to be a steady point of reference and a beacon in times of crisis.

📌 That’s why it’s important we learn to master our minds, become more resilient and adjust our mindsets as needed to make impactful decisions.

Even the strongest mindset needs fine tuning and upgrading – and these types of challenges are a perfect opportunity to make impactful changes and achieve even bigger goals.

☀️ Napoleon Hill said, “every crisis brings with it a seed of equivalent opportunity”

As we saw during the pandemic, while some companies did suffer losses, many small businesses and ambitious founders identified new opportunities to thrive; they pivoted, realised the limitations of their companies, found new solutions and carved a solid path towards new, bolder goals.

👇 So here’s my question to you today,

Are you ready to aim even higher and find the opportunities that lead you closer to your next level of success?

Of course, we should never act in a way reckless way, but as long as there’s money in the bank to guarantee the safety of our teams, then we can aim higher, become creative, and seek innovative solutions that satisfy and serve our customers.

🔷 I also like to remind my clients that what they feed their minds is really important – and if the talks about recession are affecting them negatively, they know they have a choice to step away and reframe how they view this situation by asking themselves these questions;

✅ “What opportunity is out there that I might not have been seeing? What needs do our clients have that I might be able to fill?”

✅ “How else can I serve my clients creatively?”

✅ “Who do I need to do to capitalise on these opportunities?”

✅ “What can I do to allow my team to keep on thriving and performing at their best?”

✅ “How is my mindset affecting my performance at the moment?”

Outside circumstances don’t need to hold you back, affect your confidence and hurt what you want to achieve.

The more you master your mind, become more resilient and grow your skills as a leader, the more you will create opportunities – even in tough times!

👉🏽 I’m curious, are you doing enough to master your mind and become recession proof?

I look forward to hearing your perspectives and thoughts in the comments

Have a great day

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3 Steps to Become a Multiplier

🚀 Becoming a Multiplier has incredible perks. When a Leader intentionally decides to make a this change and shifts towards a Multiplier Mindset, they notice that:

✅  Revenue increases, at no extra cost, meaning overall profit margins grow

✅  Teams are dynamic and innovative, while performing better and more efficiently

✅  They become more respected, impactful, and empowering leaders, who can attract and retain exceptional talent

If you’ve been wondering for a while how you can start your Multiplier journey, I want to share with you three key stages that turn any leader into a Multiplier Leader.

Let me introduce you to the 3Rs to Become a Multiplier:


Think about the last manager you had or another leader you met during a business meeting; were they constantly taking over things, diminishing everyone’s job with their actions (not necessarily their words), trying to solve everything and never letting anyone get a word in edgeways? Or were they greatly inspiring, capable of encouraging solutions out of others, and they just knew how to listen and what questions to ask?

Take a moment and reflect on how they made you or your team feel.

In the first instance, they probably made you feel demotivated or even slightly annoyed. Maybe they made you feel like you couldn’t just freely do your job or work with them in a positive way. This is what we call the “Diminisher Effect” and it can be downright painful for both results and teams.

In the second instance instead, these managers or leaders made you – or your team – feel empowered to do your job, to come up with ideas, to share innovative approaches. You might have even felt deeply motivated to achieve the goals they set.

And this is the power a Multiplier can have. 

You see, we’ve all experienced a Diminisher or Multiplier in our career. We’ve suffered at the hands of one and thrived at those of the other.

➡️ See the image below.  Which ones resonate with you?

No alt text provided for this image

Recognising that you’ve had this experience is an essential step towards becoming a Multiplier; in fact, once you resonate with the idea of Diminishers and Multipliers, you can truly evaluate the impact of both and deliberately choose your mindset, approach and strategy as a Leader.


Of course, in the process of resonating with the experience of a Diminisher or Multiplier, a lot of my clients – who are leaders like yourself – face a lightbulb moment.

Suddenly, they understand that they’ve been accidental diminishers themselves!

☀️ The second stage of becoming a Multiplier kicks in – realisation.

Because of how leadership is stereotyped in our society, we’re often unknowingly led to become accidental diminishers, completely unaware of how this impacts our results.

That’s why Realisation is important for any leader who wants to become a Multiplier.

When you realise you’ve had a diminishing type of leadership and what is costing you, the newly found awareness is what kick starts your journey and mindset shift.

📌  When we look at Diminishers vs Multipliers the facts speak for themselves: a diminisher extracts from their teams only 30-60% of intelligence and potential, while a multiplier will get 80-120%. 

🤔 If you were to quickly translate that in numbers, what are you leaving on the table right now? 

🤔 How much potential could you get out of your existing team, without having to hire anyone new? 

Of course, this expansion will apply to your own potential, performance and energy, too; you will find yourself working more efficiently, creating space and balance in your own life and your impact as a leader will be stronger than ever before.


And after you’ve achieved realisation, Resolve comes next.

It’s not enough to resonate with the concept or realise you’ve missed out on great potential; becoming a Multiplier requires you to make a deliberate, conscious choice.

💪 “I am going to become a Multiplier”

When my clients say that, I know that they’re ready to change their behaviour and mindset for good and to achieve greater things.

These 3Rs are only the initial stages of this transformation, but they’re important for you to feel ready and purposeful on this path of growth and impact.

👉 So COMMENT BELOW, are you at Resonance, Realisation or Resolve? What do you need to do to go to the next stage? 

If you’re already at Resolve, but you’re not sure how to continue the journey from there, I’m here to support you. Send me a DM and we can book a complimentary call with me and let’s talk about how that mindset shift can get you the next-level results you truly want

To you becoming a Mulitplier.

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Your results are a MIRROR of who you are BEING

🤔 When you look in the mirror, do you ever question whether the reflection you see is actually you?

Even if it is a sleepy or a poorly lit version of you, you know that this is you – your eyes, your smile, your face, your arms and your body that are being reflected back to you.

Whatever you do, the mirror mimics it back.  If we step back our reflection steps back too!

We are so accepting that the reflection is us that we often miss distortions.  When you wink at yourself in the mirror with your right eye, the mirror shows that it is your left eye winking!   But we never question this.  We just accept it.

📌 Just as the physical mirror reflects our body, our results are a mirror of what is GOING ON INSIDE US and who we are BEING.

To many this can feel challenging.

Let me tell you about one of my clients who has wholeheartedly embraced this truth and has been blown away by his results.

He is highly INTENTIONAL about who he is BEING.  He is diligent about how he is showing up.  He spends time every morning creating his identity.   He embodies his identity as the number one entrepreneur who positively disrupts his sector.

He knows that this impacts his confidence, his thinking, his feelings and his actions.  He finds that new opportunities and business just flow to him where previously it had felt like a struggle.

When he experiences situations that aren’t in his plan, he becomes compassionately curious about how he could be creating this outcome.   These reflections help him to uncover blindspots.

He reminds himself that the results are a mirror of him and that sometimes there may be some degree of distortion, that’s why he: 

✅  Reflects on who he is being.

✅  Reflects  on what the world is reflecting back to him.

✅  Asks himself what beliefs or assumptions he has that might be impacting his current results

✅  Considers what learning opportunities  there might be here for him and how those will help him grow into a new upgraded identity.

This journey hasn’t always been easy but I’ve been by his side with support, compassion and thought provoking questions. He has felt how tough it is to take this radical level of ownership, but with practice he has found it truly liberating, empowering and rewarding.

📌 Knowing his world is a mirror of who he is BEING has led to an exponential 600% growth in his business.  

Friends and family are blown away by his transformation.  He feels more empowered than ever. He now has a high performing and hugely reliable team and – most importantly – he has a new level of calm and contentment that previously eluded him.

🔶  Of course, the change has to come from us, from within, from who we are being. We can’t change the mirror in hope to see something different.

However, when we start to work on our internal shifts, and show up differently, the same mirror will reflect things differently.

As a leader this can initially feel perplexing as you’ve been told to fix the team and come up with a new strategy.  In our analogy, you’ve  been going to the mirror to try to solve the problems  and make improvements.

📣 But with the realisation that who you are being is the source of our results, you can experience a new level of empowerment and liberation. As a founder you realise that the starting point of creating new scenarios and transformations is with YOU 🚀.

And with this newly found sense of awareness and empowerment, you can be sure that any change you’ll make will give the positive, disruptive results you’re looking for.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

👉🏽  How does it feel to know that your results and circumstances are a mirror of who you are BEING?

👉🏽 And how does it feel to know that dramatic transformation and impact is fully within your power?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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The 21st Century Tool to Build High Performance Teams

We don’t all come from one mould. We have different motivations, desires and fears that drive our persona. As a business owner, have you had moments where you’ve had “people problems”?

🤔 Maybe you’ve found yourself with an employee not performing or delivering at the pace you want. Or maybe it was an issue with team members not collaborating or lacking alignment when you’ve got an important project to execute.

🤔 Have you been baffled why teams don’t get on and people don’t respond as you want them to?

📌 I see business owners who are really frustrated by these tensions and team dynamics.  They just want to grow their business and leverage their strengths to focus on the product or service they deliver.  The “people element” can feel like a painful and frustrating thorn in their sides. 

They realise they can’t build their business on their own – although at times it feels tempting to do so – and they see that they need to build a high performance, highly engaged team to help them achieve the growth and impact they want.

Yet, despite their efforts, these challenging team behaviours and dynamics just keep popping back up. When they first come to me, their frustration is evident and they say they know that there has to be another, easier way but they haven’t found it yet!

🔶 The good news is that there is an easier way indeed  – and that’s the Enneagram, a highly effective, impactful and enjoyable tool created for the successful leader of the 21st Century.

I have not always been a fan of personality tools as I feel that they can box you and give you labels, which can limit your thinking and your actions. With the Enneagram, you get exactly the opposite: it helps you see how YOU are boxing YOURSELF. Its results lead to huge realisations and show what’s under the surface of the superficial patterns of behaviour, so you can understand WHY you do what you do. All of that in a quick and enjoyable way.

🔔 You see, these “people challenges” stem from us not understanding “how people tick”.   

We don’t all come from one mould. We have different motivations, desires and fears that drive our personality, our thinking and our behaviours.  When we slow down and tune into these elements then we not only start to understand ourselves, but also the people around us and why we are experiencing the challenging team dynamics.

The Enneagram helps you uncover blindspots, develop growth paths, leverage strengths, and increase levels of trust and communication. Of course, as you gain this greater level of understanding of yourself and others, the results you REALLY want – greater levels of collaboration, leveraging strengths, innovation, higher margins and profits – appear.

🌳 I like to compare ourselves with an acorn.  You see the acorn has a hard shell that limits it, but inside it has the potential to become an oak tree.  Some acorns become oak trees and others don’t.  To become an oak tree, the acorn needs to create the right conditions, break through this shell and unlock that potential.  We are the same. We have a hard shell of fears, motivations, triggers that can keep us playing a small game.  By using the Enneagram, we dive deep into our conscious and unconscious patterns, understand them and eventually break open the limiting shell,  so that we can unleash our “oak tree potential”.

When we learn how to break out of our restrictive shell, the transformation that we can experience on a personal and team level is quite incredible, and even enjoyable and exhilarating.

🤔 So how do we create this desired transformation and the high performance team that will enable us to explosively grow our business?

The starting point is to understand yourself as a person and a leader and tune into the impact you are having on your team.  As the leader, your thinking and behaviour ripples out and impacts your team. By leveraging the Enneagram, you will deeply understand yourself, your triggers, fears, reactions and behaviour. Once you do, you can see which are working for you and how to leverage them to your advantage, and which ones work against you.

It’s important to realise that our behaviour affects the team. So let me ask you – is it possible that you may be unintentionally shutting the team down and causing the problems? I know this can be a painful thought, but it can also be a wonderfully liberating one when we realise that we can take ownership of our behaviour and create the solution.

Once you’ve used the Enneagram to reflect on your own personality and drivers, you can roll out this incredible tool to your team, so they increase their individual level of self awareness.  They will start to have their own lightbulb moments about the impact they have and gather a deeper understanding of their triggers and drivers. Then through discussion, you can build deep levels of understanding and trust between team members, and realise why there have been tensions.  Finally, the elephants in the room trott out and there’s a focus on solutions.

💪🏽 Most importantly, the Enneagram helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how to leverage and address them.

You might be thinking that this sounds time consuming or that spending money on your team might not be the wisest investment. I hear you – you have products to build, services to deliver or platforms to develop.  But let me give you a different perspective; if you have a high performing, highly engaged and collaborative team who can play to their strengths and minimise their weaknesses, then your levels of efficiency, creativity and speed of execution will increase and all of your products and services will come on line quicker and cheaper than you had anticipated.

📌 So reflect for a moment – how would it feel to know that by adding the Enneagram to your tool kit, you would become a more empowering leader who has a team of high performers that enable you to to MULTIPLY the bottom line of your business, in an effective, efficient and enjoyable way?

👉🏽 If you are ready to have an initial conversation and explore how the Enneagram can supercharge your leadership, help you build a highly effective team,  and achieve explosive results, send me a DM and we can book a exploratory call (not a sales call).

To your success, leveraging your strengths and building a high performance team!

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