Tracy Clark recently appeared on Innovative Minds podcast and unleashed the multiplier mindset effect on Mellonie Francis, CEO of Are You B2B.

Tracy thought she was appearing on the innovative mind podcast as a guest, but ended up taking over as host and completely transforming Mellonie Francis through her mindset coaching.

Here are the key highlights of the podcast:

How to shift your mindset

How to be the RIGHT kind of leader for YOUR business

How to reduce staff turnover through leadership

How to uncover your NEXT level goals

How to visualise and start achieving your next-level of you

Why you should unleash “multiplier effects” – and how to do it

How to think about  way to think about your own potential

Why you won’t succeed without an “identity shift”


If you are thinking about working with Tracy, this podcast reveals her style and power


Listen to full podcast here

By Published On: December 23rd, 2022

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