Thanks to CEO Today Magazine for this wonderful accolade. ☺️

Let me share with you for a moment, just why this award means so much:

These awards are driven by client nominations and client feedback.

And nothing in my professional life matters more to me than the impact I have in my clients’ lives and careers.

After the nominations are received from clients – and the magazine’s readers provide the initial shortlist:

The selection of winners comes down to the success and satisfaction of my clients – and feedback from the rest of my profession.

Everyone wants to be recognised for doing what matters most to them.

This award doesn’t just tell me that I’m doing a good job for my clients and that they appreciate me.

It also recognises that others share my belief in HOW I do what I do:

That they also believe in unlocking potential. In creating multipliers. And in unlocking the power of identity.

To be recognised alongside such a prestigious panel of winners, for doing what I love and what I believe in, is truly a huge honour.

I am humbled and proud to be a winner – and eternally grateful to everyone who supported me throughout the process

Thank you!

By Published On: December 29th, 2022

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