🔶 Talks of the recession are all over newspapers, TV and the internet.

Everywhere we look, there’s someone pointing out that a recession is inevitable, inflation is soaring, the cost of living is increasing rapidly and businesses are potentially going to experience new pressures and challenges.

If we stop for a moment and reflect on what these conversations are doing, we soon realise that they’re predominantly creating fear and insecurity.

🤔 After all, do we really know for sure that the recession is going to come and if it does that it will affect us negatively?

📣 How would it feel to look at it as an OPPORTUNITY, rather than a problem? 

You see, it’s very easy to shrink and retreat when you’re constantly bombarded with negative messages around financial pressure or uncertainty; you might even find yourself less confident and dealing with a crippling self-doubt that doesn’t allow you to truly shine in what you do.

📌 On the other hand, when we change the way we look at a potential recession and label it as a great time to thrive, grow and strengthen our businesses – suddenly it all seems more exciting.

Opportunities open up and new aspirations can lead our everyday efforts.

As leaders, we cannot let talks in the media get the best of us and trigger our emotional responses. In fact, those we lead look at us to be a steady point of reference and a beacon in times of crisis.

📌 That’s why it’s important we learn to master our minds, become more resilient and adjust our mindsets as needed to make impactful decisions.

Even the strongest mindset needs fine tuning and upgrading – and these types of challenges are a perfect opportunity to make impactful changes and achieve even bigger goals.

☀️ Napoleon Hill said, “every crisis brings with it a seed of equivalent opportunity”

As we saw during the pandemic, while some companies did suffer losses, many small businesses and ambitious founders identified new opportunities to thrive; they pivoted, realised the limitations of their companies, found new solutions and carved a solid path towards new, bolder goals.

👇 So here’s my question to you today,

Are you ready to aim even higher and find the opportunities that lead you closer to your next level of success?

Of course, we should never act in a way reckless way, but as long as there’s money in the bank to guarantee the safety of our teams, then we can aim higher, become creative, and seek innovative solutions that satisfy and serve our customers.

🔷 I also like to remind my clients that what they feed their minds is really important – and if the talks about recession are affecting them negatively, they know they have a choice to step away and reframe how they view this situation by asking themselves these questions;

✅ “What opportunity is out there that I might not have been seeing? What needs do our clients have that I might be able to fill?”

✅ “How else can I serve my clients creatively?”

✅ “Who do I need to do to capitalise on these opportunities?”

✅ “What can I do to allow my team to keep on thriving and performing at their best?”

✅ “How is my mindset affecting my performance at the moment?”

Outside circumstances don’t need to hold you back, affect your confidence and hurt what you want to achieve.

The more you master your mind, become more resilient and grow your skills as a leader, the more you will create opportunities – even in tough times!

👉🏽 I’m curious, are you doing enough to master your mind and become recession proof?

I look forward to hearing your perspectives and thoughts in the comments

Have a great day

By Published On: July 29th, 2022

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