🔶  Experts tend to agree that people typically use only about 10% of their potential.

If you are a high performer, like my clients, you’re probably functioning at 3 – 4x the typical levels. That would still mean you are only functioning at a staggering 30 – 40% of your potential! 

How do we unlock more?

From working with Founders I have seen that magic happens when they fundamentally shift their focus FROM leading others and taking constant action TO leading themself first.

🤔 So you might ask – why does leading myself first help me to unlock more potential?

Intentionally leading yourself first enables you to:

✅  Supercharge your ability and confidence to inspire and develop a high performance team 

 ✅  Boost your levels of energy and wellbeing so you discover new opportunities

 ✅  Create spectacular growth in your revenue, margins and profits 

This was the case of John (not his real name) when he started working with me.

He knew that he could achieve more. He had a great vision and he felt a huge level of frustration because he was not unlocking his potential and reaching the levels of profits, margins and growth he aspired to and knew he was capable of.

He was focused on working harder and looking at what he could do to create the change.

Yet, his effort wasn’t reflected in his results; more challenges kept emerging, his team was underperforming and his stress was increasing, while energy levels were going down.

💡 Initially, he was surprised when I said that to be a great leader you have to learn to lead yourself first.

But once we started this journey and explored his mindset and psychology, it turned out to be really transformational for John.

He really related to his mind being like a snow dome. When the snow dome is shaken up and we are not leading ourselves intentionally, we feel agitated and misaligned. We lack clarity and focus and have no headspace to be creative.

But when we pause and are mindful, we allow our thoughts to settle like the snow in the dome and we gain a new level of clarity, focus, serenity and energy – and those around us pick up on this. We start to tune into the blindspots and limiting beliefs that have been holding us back and we can intentionally create shifts that not only make us feel calmer and more confident, but that make us more impactful, effective and productive!

📌  I shared with him a study on self awareness that was carried out with 60,000 leaders: 80% thought they were self aware but actually only a shocking 15% were.

🤔 So I asked him:

  • What if you are one of the 85% who are not self aware?
  • What unintended impact might you be having on your team and your results?

The penny was dropping – maybe he wasn’t quite as self aware as he thought.  Maybe that’s why he was experiencing repetitive challenges with his team.

He was seeing light at the end of the tunnel – his enthusiasm was growing.  His desire to create an impact was increasing.

He was curious and willing to experiment.

☀️ To lead himself effectively, he had to increase his self awareness, upgrade his mindset, style and approach to be fully in line with the new level of commercial results he wanted.

He needed to tune into the type of leadership that would be empowering and impactful and would enable him to lead a high performance team.

He got an extra burst of energy when I shared the work of Liz Wiseman on Multiplier leadership – which shows how leaders with a specific “Multiplier” mindset can extract and expand TWICE the potential and intelligence of their staff than the average leader.

🏆 Wow, leading himself would double the impact of his team!  This was a no brainer!

He started to step out of his comfort zone more and more.

He allowed me to challenge and disrupt his thinking.

He felt inspired.  He played with new levels of possibility and opportunities.  He was more regularly in a state of flow.

He started to see himself as a leader who now had 8 figure profits and had multiplied his potential and that of his team.

He experimented with new approaches with his team and the results were spectacular.  The team said they felt his change. They also felt he had a new level of belief in them, which made them feel energised, more efficient and thriving with innovation. They were stunned by his change and very grateful too!

🚀 This led him to increasing revenues by 600%.

I see that leading yourself is as important as yeast is to creating the perfect loaf of bread.  It is the essential ingredient that enables you to create the alignment you need to multiply your results and your impact.

But maybe you are wondering – this might have worked for John but how can I be sure this is going to be an effective use of my valuable time?

🔔 You see we need to remember that we are the source of all our results.

That’s why leading yourself first enables you to dramatically unlock more potential of your own and others, which in turn leads to multiply growth in every part of your life, business, wellbeing, leadership and family.



I’m curious, how much more potential could you unlock if you more intentionally led yourself first?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Have a great rest of your day

By Published On: August 25th, 2022

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