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When working with founders, I leverage a 4-step framework designed to guide you through a tailored journey that’ll help you unlock more potential and create greater impact as a leader.

The 4 Steps of a Multiplier Mindset:

Increasing Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is crucial to becoming a more dynamic and impactful leader. To get there, we walk through the 3 R’s:
Resonance, which occurs when you realise the unintended impact of the different types of leadership.

At this point, Realisation kicks in. We wonder – “where do I fall among these styles of leaders?”
Finally, Resolve – the moment you deliberately choose to become the best leader, unlock more potential and be a Multiplier.

Intentionally Updating your Identity

Each multiplier has their own unique blend of characteristics and traits.

We update your identity and then intentionally create who you are BEING as a leader. We will explore how you currently show up as a leader and how that defines you or affects your results. All change starts with who you currently are and what type of Multiplier you want to become. Once your identity is updated (and it feels authentic), your thinking, communication, and actions will shift to align with your new direction.

Shifting Your

Assumptions, beliefs and motivations drive behaviour. That’s why it’s important we look at them and understand how they keep us stuck in what we call the Multiplier Diminisher continuum. There are assumptions you make about your team or about the role you should play, or market dynamics, or how you should act within your business. Once we know whether these assumptions are working for you or against you, then we can start to shift your mindset and ensure you become the best leader you can be.

Changing Habits and Actions

You have created your authentic identity and stepped into who you are being. Next, you have shifted your mindset, and now it’s time you add the next part – creating intentional habits and behaviours that help you and your team become a true multiplier. You will find yourself creating balance in your life, become more efficient and reach the peak of your performance with ease and effectiveness.

Teams working for a Multiplier are 2x more effective and they achieve 120% of their potential – more than they thought they had.

What impact could doubling your team’s effectiveness have on the bottom line of your business?


Being a Multiplier leads to bigger, bolder results and it positively impacts your life and the people around you.

Let Me Help You Get The Results You Want Through:


Every part of this journey is aimed at giving you new awareness and tools that will help you become more intentional, disrupt your industry, scale your results, and multiply the impact you want to make.

Researchers studied a group of 60K leaders, 80% thought they were self-aware. Only 15% actually were.

Are you curious to find out where you land and how you can become the best version of yourself? Book a call with me today!

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