🚀 Becoming a Multiplier has incredible perks. When a Leader intentionally decides to make a this change and shifts towards a Multiplier Mindset, they notice that:

✅  Revenue increases, at no extra cost, meaning overall profit margins grow

✅  Teams are dynamic and innovative, while performing better and more efficiently

✅  They become more respected, impactful, and empowering leaders, who can attract and retain exceptional talent

If you’ve been wondering for a while how you can start your Multiplier journey, I want to share with you three key stages that turn any leader into a Multiplier Leader.

Let me introduce you to the 3Rs to Become a Multiplier:


Think about the last manager you had or another leader you met during a business meeting; were they constantly taking over things, diminishing everyone’s job with their actions (not necessarily their words), trying to solve everything and never letting anyone get a word in edgeways? Or were they greatly inspiring, capable of encouraging solutions out of others, and they just knew how to listen and what questions to ask?

Take a moment and reflect on how they made you or your team feel.

In the first instance, they probably made you feel demotivated or even slightly annoyed. Maybe they made you feel like you couldn’t just freely do your job or work with them in a positive way. This is what we call the “Diminisher Effect” and it can be downright painful for both results and teams.

In the second instance instead, these managers or leaders made you – or your team – feel empowered to do your job, to come up with ideas, to share innovative approaches. You might have even felt deeply motivated to achieve the goals they set.

And this is the power a Multiplier can have. 

You see, we’ve all experienced a Diminisher or Multiplier in our career. We’ve suffered at the hands of one and thrived at those of the other.

➡️ See the image below.  Which ones resonate with you?

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Recognising that you’ve had this experience is an essential step towards becoming a Multiplier; in fact, once you resonate with the idea of Diminishers and Multipliers, you can truly evaluate the impact of both and deliberately choose your mindset, approach and strategy as a Leader.


Of course, in the process of resonating with the experience of a Diminisher or Multiplier, a lot of my clients – who are leaders like yourself – face a lightbulb moment.

Suddenly, they understand that they’ve been accidental diminishers themselves!

☀️ The second stage of becoming a Multiplier kicks in – realisation.

Because of how leadership is stereotyped in our society, we’re often unknowingly led to become accidental diminishers, completely unaware of how this impacts our results.

That’s why Realisation is important for any leader who wants to become a Multiplier.

When you realise you’ve had a diminishing type of leadership and what is costing you, the newly found awareness is what kick starts your journey and mindset shift.

📌  When we look at Diminishers vs Multipliers the facts speak for themselves: a diminisher extracts from their teams only 30-60% of intelligence and potential, while a multiplier will get 80-120%. 

🤔 If you were to quickly translate that in numbers, what are you leaving on the table right now? 

🤔 How much potential could you get out of your existing team, without having to hire anyone new? 

Of course, this expansion will apply to your own potential, performance and energy, too; you will find yourself working more efficiently, creating space and balance in your own life and your impact as a leader will be stronger than ever before.


And after you’ve achieved realisation, Resolve comes next.

It’s not enough to resonate with the concept or realise you’ve missed out on great potential; becoming a Multiplier requires you to make a deliberate, conscious choice.

💪 “I am going to become a Multiplier”

When my clients say that, I know that they’re ready to change their behaviour and mindset for good and to achieve greater things.

These 3Rs are only the initial stages of this transformation, but they’re important for you to feel ready and purposeful on this path of growth and impact.

👉 So COMMENT BELOW, are you at Resonance, Realisation or Resolve? What do you need to do to go to the next stage? 

If you’re already at Resolve, but you’re not sure how to continue the journey from there, I’m here to support you. Send me a DM and we can book a complimentary call with me and let’s talk about how that mindset shift can get you the next-level results you truly want

To you becoming a Mulitplier.

By Published On: July 13th, 2022

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