As a Leadership, Business and Multiplier Mindset Coach with over 25 years in commercial business, I’ve had first-hand experience with the positive impact of mindset, understanding psychology in business, team dynamics, and leadership – and now I want to bring it to you.

Thanks to my 25 years’ experience as the Managing Director and Board Member of the CWC Group, an international oil and gas events business that won two Queen’s Awards for International Trade, I know how tough it can be to be a leader and not fulfill all of your potential. That’s why years ago I decided to go on a discovery journey of my own and emerged from it with greater clarity on what I wanted and how I could get it – deliberately.

I was ready to create an everlasting legacy by empowering entrepreneurs so I could make an impact on a larger scale.

Knowing the level of mastery it gifted me and how greatly this experience affected me, I decided I wanted to become a catalyst for change for other leaders like myself; that’s when I became a Leadership, Business and Multiplier Mindset Coach to founders, CEOs and their leadership teams who are aspiring to disrupt their industries, multiply their impact and create a fulfilling life.

Since then, I have successfully supported founders in feeling a new sense of purpose and vitality whilst they have created bolder visions, become impactful leaders, built high performance, high trust teams and multiplied their profits.

I want to empower thousands of visionary founders to shift their leadership style and become multipliers, so they exceed their expectations and reach huge levels of fulfilment, both professionally and personally.

Ready to get Started?

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

Someone to challenge your thinking, help you gain a new perspective, increase your levels of innovation and move out of your comfort zone.

Dedication and commitment to you, your growth, and your goals. I’ll be your partner throughout this new journey.

An experience that blends commercial acumen, psychology, self awareness mindset, expertise, and leadership to stretch you to think bigger.

A safe space full of TRUST, Warmth, presence and Playfulness – we go deep, while still keeping a light mood and having a laugh.

Using tools such as the Enneagram method, the multiplier mindset, and a thought-provoking, playful approach, we will take you, your leadership and your team to the next level.

I truly believe Multipliers are leaders who are genius-makers and bring out the best and full potential in themselves and others; they transform not only their own lives but also the companies and industries they lead.

I’ve been in your shoes and I know how frustrating it can be to feel you’re not achieving bigger results as quickly and as efficiently as you desire. I remember the pain of not living up to my full potential and if I look back – I really wish I had embarked on this journey of self-awareness, growth, and mindset mastery sooner. Why? Because I can promise you that as a leader, once you step on this path, it will bring you closer to reaching your goals and leveling up your business.

Ready to take you and your company there?

Here are a Few Facts About Me…

  • I’m obsessed with reading and personal growth – I’m always striving to be the best version of myself.
  • My Family comprises two wonderful children of my own – Tom, 24, and Clara, 22, – and two great step-sons, Henry, 23, and Lewis, 19. I also have two joyful dogs, Sandy and Coco, who often like to show up at sessions with my clients.
  • I am a geek and am fascinated by learning about consciousness, unlocking potential and the truth of who we really are!
  • I was born in Trinidad & Tobago
  • I speak fluent Spanish and my kids are half-Spanish
  • I love travelling and have been all over the world- from Mozambique, Colombia, Algeria, Nigeria, to Iran and have met the Energy Ministers and some Presidents of those countries.
  • I sold a company of which I was a shareholder, member of the board and MD for an 8 figure sum
  • I met the late Queen!
  • I enjoy cooking and art – you’ll see paintings and sculptures in all our sessions and videos!
  • I work with clients who disrupt industries.
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