Do you live life in the fast lane with little time to think?

When was the last time you sat quietly and thought about what you want from your career, your life and your future?  Do you jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step and a smile on your face and rush to work?

Or do you

  • Feel frustrated, unfulfilled or stuck in your career?
  • Feel like you need to work out a new plan of action and up your game?
  • Wonder how you can become a better leader or manager so you can stand out and make a massive difference to yourself and your company?
  • Question what is out there or how you can go about getting the promotion or new role that you have your eye on?
  • Wonder how you would feel if you plucked up the courage to take that leap of faith and change careers or set up your own business?
  • Feel like you are at a crossroads uncertain which direction to go in?
  • Worry about how, in your current role, you’re going to be able to afford the house you want, be able to support your family and have some money left for you to go on the adventures you love!

  • Feel like you are not fulfilling your potential?

Put that in the past….It’s time to slow down and get into the driving seat of your life and realise how much influence and power you have.


  • Jumping out of bed in the morning and feeling excited about going to work and delivering results
  • Getting a job that inspires you with a salary that pays all the bills and leaves you money in your account!
  • Influencing challenging situations and turning them into opportunities
  • Getting a leadership and management role and having an empowering impact on your company and your colleagues
  • Getting that promotion and being responsible for a bigger team and a larger budget
  • Become a truly inspirational and visionary leader
  • Seeing team dynamics improve and greater productivity as a result
  • Being able to calm that voice chattering in your head and feeling confident to ask your boss for the promotion
  • Bouncing back after delivering a bad presentation and embracing feedback wholeheartedly!
  • Seeing challenges and pressure as a massive growth opportunity. It’s worth bearing in mind then that diamonds are made from coal under pressure and it’s the grit in the oyster which creates the pearls
  • So the world is your oyster. What else do you want to achieve? It’s time to reach for the stars!

So is coaching right for you?

My clients are dynamic individuals and leaders who strive for career development and continuous improvement. They are determined to maximise their potential and raise the bar. They don’t need coaching but rather they want coaching. They believe in investing in themselves to fulfil their potential and purpose and strive for the success they want.

I am a career coach and I love empowering executives and leaders to fulfil their potential. Did you know that it is thought that we only fulfil 10% of our potential – so let’s set to work and unlock the other 90%! I work with people like you who want to shape their future, unlock their unique super powers and strive for personal development. So they feel like they feel a sense of fulfilment, achievement and renewed purpose.

Clients say that one of the things that sets me apart is that I am also MD of a thriving events company which gives me relevant and hands on experience.

What Will Your Coaching Journey Look Like?

Our coaching sessions will involve deep exploration to gain clarity on what energises you, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning and what will bring you a true sense of direction, achievement and purpose. We will also explore relevant models and techniques as well as mind sets and limiting beliefs that clients find bring them magical ‘Aha’ moments, clarity and direction!

We will also review your emotional intelligence (EI) profile and set a plan of action to build it as Emotional Intelligence is developable!

These are just a few things that we can work on together

Personal development review: Take stock of your career and leadership and decide what you want to do next

Increase your Emotional Intelligence and sharpen your mindset to increase your effectiveness and step up a level

Define your choices: Think, reflect and explore different options, scenarios and strategies

I’m here to encourage and support you on this exciting and transformational journey to unlock your full potential

3 Skills to Develop Which Will Boost Your Career

We will review your Emotional Intelligence (EI) profile and set a plan of action to enhance it. Emotional Intelligence is proven to be the differentiator between average and superior performance. According to Lombardo and Eichinger, 75% of the reasons for career derailment can be attributed to a lack of Emotional Intelligence.

From working with my clients, I am seeing a recurring pattern that by developing 3 core elements of their Emotional Intelligence, they are getting promotions and new jobs and are having a greater leadership impact on their teams which leads to higher productivity. These are the key areas. Have a look at the questions too as they will help you work out if you need to build up your skills:


Do you believe in your skills and capabilities?

Do you doubt yourself when you go into a new situation?

Does that voice in your head tell you “you can’t do it!” or “other people find this so easy, what’s wrong with you?

Do you need to feel validation from others to make decisions?

Do you feel like your work isn’t good enough?


Do you know what you really want in life?

Do you know what impact you have on people?

Do you tend to ignore your feelings and worries?

Do you notice how other people feel?

Do you know what your purpose and priorities are in life?

Do you listen to your gut instinct or are do you just ignore it?


How do you respond to significant setbacks?

How do you cope with change or uncertainty?

How often do you move outside your comfort zone?

Can you see options when faced with difficulties or do you feel trapped in a tunnel?

What is one thing you have learnt from overcoming setbacks in the past?

Do you know how to leverage your strengths?

Which levels do you need to review? Or might you need to look at them all like most people do?

I’m here to encourage and support you on this exciting and transformation journey and to unlock your full career potential

If you’d like to find out more, give me a call and we can talk through your situation and come up with a plan.

So why work with me?

My clients describe my style as warm, positive, solution focused and encouraging. I provide a safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, challenges and dreams and go outside your comfort zone to discover what else might be possible and to achieve the transformation you really desire. I will introduce you to valuable theories and models that you can work with to achieve personal transformation, greater effectiveness and a sense of being back in control.

I have 20 years business and leadership experience as well as valuable and hands on knowledge and understanding of parenting and relationships. A few years ago, I felt rudderless and had lost the spring in my step. I searched deeply and met an inspiring executive coach. I realised what I love is empowering people to fulfil their potential. So I started training as a coach and haven’t looked back! My energy came back and now I work 4 days as MD of a leading events company and see clients in evenings, Fridays and at weekends! I’m in my element!

I am particularly fascinated by Confidence, Awareness and Resilience and these are areas I actively work on myself.  They have, without a shadow of doubt helped me boost my happiness, health, success and wellbeing.

I have an Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, an accreditation in Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Management. I have also received the accreditation as a Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  The ICF credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching credential and demonstrates my dedication to excellence in the coaching industry. I also have a certificate in Continuous Professional Development in positive psychology and have been on further extensive courses on management and leadership.

I am constantly learning the cutting edge insights of human behaviour, neuroscience and psychology. I live and breathe personal development and am on a continuous and exciting journey of growth to fulfil my own potential.

In the last year, I have embraced Mindfulness and practice it daily. I feel a greater sense of clarity, insight and effectiveness and I completely understand why leading companies such as Google and Accenture introduce it into their businesses. I highly recommend it!

I believe that by using a combination of emotional intelligence and positive psychology, dynamic people can reach the next level!


So, do you want to super charge your career?
Give me a ring and we can have a chat.

I’d be delighted to have a complementary exploratory chat with you as I believe you need to feel relaxed and be at ease during the sessions and during this chat you will get a sense of if the fit is right for you. I offer packages of minimum six sessions. I do tailor fees and packages to meet personal needs.

I am based in Battersea in London and can have face to face sessions here. I also hold sessions via Skype and FaceTime and clients find these sessions to be very effective. So, if you are not based in London or are very busy, this can work well. We can find a solution to make sure it fits in with your busy schedule.

See what my clients say

When I was in the process of looking for a leadership coach there were plenty of people to choose from; many of them had great credentials and certificates from very reputable schools, however the thing that set Tracy apart was her strong business acumen. The fact that Tracy has extensive business experience and runs her own business outside of coaching has been hugely beneficial for me as a leader, but more importantly, it has been transformational for my organisation. Her insight on all areas of business including, setting your vision, getting the best out of your teams and how to manage difficult situations/clients has most definitely made be a better and more confident leader.
Simmi Woodwall, Chief Executive, The Honey Pot Children’s Charity
I started coaching when I was at a stage where I knew I wanted to start a business, but I had almost no clarity as to what that looked like and I was growing ever more frustrated.

In what has professionally been one of my toughest years, my sessions with Tracy have been wonderful pockets of self-discovery and hope that have not only kept me afloat, but have helped keep me on track towards my goals of freedom and fulfilment, at a time when it would be very easy to abandon what is most important to me.

Tracy has a beautiful way of holding space as a warm, supportive cheerleader whilst very willing to challenge you on any thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back. A great listener and the perfect mirror. I know I have benefitted greatly from Tracy’s real yet optimistic and kind approach. I grow more clear about who I am, what I am looking for and where I am going with every session.

I would absolutely recommend Tracy as a coach.

Emma Morrison, Managing Director
I was keen to start my coaching journey as I wanted practical support within my work and personal life.

Tracy has made my coaching journey a brilliant one! She listens and adapts the sessions to suit me and different situations which occur and then focuses this around proactive solutions for them.

As a result of coaching I have been able to gain a greater understanding of my behaviour and personality which has helped me become more self aware. The Emotional intelligence and resilience report have been both fascinating and extremely useful! They map out key behaviours of your personality and then offer development suggestions to work on! I also find it a great insight into how my leadership skills can be strengthened.

In my sessions Tracy often lends me books to read or articles look at which really enhances my development not just in the sessions but out of them too!

I would highly recommend Tracy to others -in fact I already have! She is makes the sessions very bespoke to the individual and gives me support and has hugely helped my confidence within my workplace as a manager and general life.

With a busy life there is something magical about have this space and time to focus and reflect on your ideas. Then translate these ideas into goals for the future! Tracy thank you for going above and beyond and also encouraging me to grow.

Rachel Lamb, Lead Stylist,
I was considering an MBA at Insead and wanted to speak with someone about the reasons why it would be a good idea versus the reasons against it.

My reservations were around thinking I already knew the answers and what benefit I would get from the career coaching sessions. These reservations were quickly dismissed within the first few moments of my first chat.

The sessions have given me a clearer understanding of what I want from life and how my career fits around those goals. In the ten years I have been working I have never taken a step back to review where I have come from and what path I was on. Changes I have seen are around knowing the type of company I want to work with in full time employment and my consultancy roles. Other benefits are reflecting what I deem important onto my marketing / PR team at MyLocalPitch.

I liked the ‘Create Your Vision for Your Successful Career’ exercise. It made me slow down and think what I deem important and the best way to achieve these targets.

Yes I would recommend you, for sure. The sessions were recommended by a friend and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. I have even already done so to a friend who is considering a career change.

I found the process of answering some questions challenging at times, but very rewarding. No one has ever really dug a little deeper into my career and why I have made certain decisions. It was good that all the exercises completed can be revisited to see if I am still on the right path. Another element was confirming a lot of what I thought I knew around what makes me tick, giving me confidence in my abilities.

Will Chrimes, Head of Marketing & PR,
I wanted to get clarity about my career path returning to work after maternity leave. Tracy really helped me to explore the options, and more importantly to recognise the feelings and thoughts associated with different options. The sessions engendered and built my self-confidence to take decisive and committed action.

Tracy is a fantastic listener- there must have been times when I spoke for ages without interruption, which I felt was incredibly helpful because it meant she really understood my situation. She asked excellent open questions that helped me to understand my own thinking at a deeper level. She helped guide me to a decision without pushing me in any particular direction. She also encouraged me to think about action planning, and the obstacles I might face, once I had decided on a particular path.

I am so grateful for Tracy’s coaching. It has provided structure to my muddled thoughts at a crossroads in my career, and I am truly thankful that I’ve had these enjoyable, and thought-provoking sessions to help me reach an important decision.

Lucy Traynor, Principal Consultant and New Mum
Being a busy mother you rarely get a chance to properly focus on your own ‘big thoughts’.

My sessions with Tracy were a real luxury in their focus on me and with the gentle guidance she provided they were efficient and extremely valuable. More than anything, the fact that my conclusions and solutions came from myself was both empowering and authentic.

I came away with a plan of action to explore new career options and with the renewed self-confidence to know I will be able to find the right job for me.

Having someone else be there to ask the right questions at the right time is invaluable.

I am so glad I gave coaching a try, it surpassed all my expectations and I think there is huge potential in the world for this. 

Jess Clarke, Strategic Planning Director and Mum
A note to say a BIG thank you for the coaching session last night. You gave me lots of time and space to just get my thoughts out and I felt that you were silently supporting and encouraging me, particularly at the beginning of the session.  You really encouraged me to off load more or less everything that I had been thinking about and it was very useful…then I liked how you asked me to decide on what I wanted to work with, your question really brought me in and made me focus.

The whole session was so helpful, I went from being under confident and feeling like ‘can I really do this?’ to hell yeah look what I have to offer!!  Thank you so much!!!

Sarah Taylor, HR Professional