If you want to develop the best version of yourself, create the business and life you want and achieve bigger results – without limits – you’re in the right place!

Leadership is not static and achieving impactful, bolder results requires us to constantly shift our mindset, upgrade our identity, become aware of our own blindspots and motivations, and find a great team that alleviates our burden.

Yet, many founders are not sure how to get there and get rid of what’s holding them back; they know that something is in their way, but they can’t seem to pinpoint what that roadblock is. This leads to frustration, self-doubt and lack of trust towards their team.

But what if you embarked on a journey of discovery that would show you exactly how to kick down those blocks, free yourself from your leadership restraints and create a team of high performers that supports you – and your vision – every step of the way?

That’s exactly what the Leadership Journey to become a Multiplier can give you!

I have worked with founders, CEOs, executives, and directors to unlock their full potential.

The missing piece to scaling your business quicker and shaping an everlasting legacy is a MULTIPLIER MINDSET

Hi, I’m Tracy Clark!

When I look back at my 25 years of experience as a Managing Director, Shareholder and Board Member at the CWC Group, I wish I had explored sooner how a Multiplier Mindset, increased self-awareness, and innovative trust-based leadership can impact a business.

Why? Because once I did, it changed everything; my results exploded, my business pushed through new levels and we disrupted a whole industry. I felt the best version of myself, and I was able to unlock a new level of potential for my team, too.

Following my own experience and after selling the company in an 8-figure deal, I decided I wanted to support other leaders to achieve the same results through coaching – that’s when I trained and became a certified Leadership, Business and Multiplier Mindset Coach.

Since then, my mission is to help founders and their teams explore their full potential and empower them to become multipliers, so they can achieve bigger results quicker and be the best version of themselves.

“Be intentional about who you are BEING and your results will be transformational”
Tracy Clark

Become a Multiplier and scale your business to new levels!

Here’s how I can help you get there:

Private Coaching

We will embark on a powerful coaching journey that will support you to gain transformational insights, unlock greater potential and create disruptive impact. You will find yourself performing better, becoming more effective and innovative. You’ll be able to multiply your revenues and purposely scale your business to new heights.

Leadership Team Package

A great business requires great people that you can trust! By working on a group level, I will show you and your team how to leverage a Multiplier Mindset to hit goals faster, while increasing both individual and team levels of awareness. Together, you will learn the key dynamics that improve levels of trust, engagement and team productivity.

Group Coaching for Founders

Do you want to grow your business, be inspired to think differently and meet other like minded entrepreneurs? Then my group program is for you; we go through my proven growth model to gain high levels of clarity, develop high-performance habits and step into a Multiplier Mindset to upgrade your leadership and your commercial results.


Often called “The Secret Weapon of Fortune 500 Companies,” Executive Coaching is one of the key attributes that helps successful companies and their teams stand out from the crowd

As founders and leaders, we want to be disruptive and make an incredible impact.

To get there though, we need to ensure we’re not standing in our own way by creating limitations or lacking trust towards ourselves and our team.

When you become a Multiplier, a whole new range of opportunities unfolds; your impact changes, your business models are fine tuned, your employees’ level of productivity and engagement increase, and there’s stronger trust within the leadership layers of your organisation. All of this leads to your business growing quicker, ROI and profits increasing, and your results being bolder and better than ever before.

Want to learn how you can become a Multiplier?

Want to learn more about the Leadership Journey that will help you scale your business, achieve your goals, and create a team of multipliers?

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Unlocking potential

This is what being a leader is about

A Multiplier Mindset Truly is the Way Forward

It’s time to explore your vision, upgrade your leadership, and increase your impact to get the business results you truly want.

Together, we will work on trust, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and highly effective communication to lead your team and those around you with empowerment and confidence.

Are you ready?

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