🔶 According to the dictionary, the definition of a blindspot is:

A literal or metaphorical area where a person’s view is obstructed.

In business, we encounter many blindspots and all of them can be hugely damaging; whether it’s the blindspots of our team, its members or a specific department, they can hold you back, hide a problem you didn’t know was there and stop you from speedily moving forward to achieve the big results you’re seeking.

📌 The toughest blindspots though are those we have ourselves as leaders.

When I work with my clients, as we look at why certain results are not being met, I love to leverage a tool called Enneagram to look at current strengths and potential blindspots. Often, as we go through the results, leaders will not necessarily recognise their own blindspots and will react with surprise.

😀 This was the case with Dan (not his name) when we worked together.

Dan has a massive heart, he is a strong founder, very action-oriented and dynamic. His presence can be easily felt by everyone in the room and he has an innate ability to solve problems and quickly come up with implementable solutions. He wants the absolutely best for his business and he truly seeks to make a meaningful difference within his industry. When he came to me, he was frustrated at some of his results and team dynamics.

Once we started to review his Enneagram results, a blindspot presented itself; he realised that because of his approach, his team saw him as intimidating, which led to them shutting down and not taking enough ownership or initiative within their work.

As soon as we named his blindspot, 🤭 he felt incredulous. I paused for a moment to allow him to think and process the information and as soon as he did, shock prevailed.

🔶 Appearing intimidating was the last thing he wanted and before this moment he had never seen that part of his behaviour as a blindspot for his business. Once he did though, the fog lifted. Now he knew exactly what his blindspot was, how it was impacting his business and what he needed to do to change it and get closer to his goals.

Of course, this is just an example, but there are tens of blindspots that can affect a leader and that might be damaging his/her business.

🔔 That’s why self-awareness is a key tool for any founder, CEO or entrepreneur who wants to truly make an impact and achieve next-level results; only by being curious about your strengths, weaknesses and the hidden opportunities will you be able to multiply your results and lead your company towards unprecedented success.

👉🏽 So let me ask you, have you ever stopped to think about your blindspots? 

🤔 Do you think there’s one in particular that’s currently holding you back from achieving what you want? 

🤔 How do you need to adjust your side or rear-view mirror to get a better sight of your blindspots? 

Please comment below and let me know what you think are the most common blindspots for leaders like yourself!

And if you need a little extra help to shed some light on what’s holding you back, remember to book a consultation call with me here

Have a great rest of your day

By Published On: September 1st, 2022

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