🏆 I’m sure you’ve witnessed or heard of the recent success the English Women’s Football Team achieved in the Euro 2022 final.

🔶 The team has been incredible, but as many experts pointed out, none of it would have been possible without Sarina Wiegman as their coach.

Sarina joined the team with a clear goal and admirable devotion towards it. She knew exactly what she wanted the team to achieve and she did everything she could to lead them there.

She encouraged the Captain to act like a true leader and showed her how to make sure the team would work as a whole towards a common goal. With her approach, Sarina instilled the right belief and mindset in the Captain, who then passed it on to her teammates.

Of course, even before Sarina Wiegman joined the Lionesses back in September 2021, they were working hard. The talent, performance, skills – they were all there. However, these women clearly needed a shift, an adjusted direction, a tweak in their mindset – as well as their strategy – to achieve such unprecedented success. 🚀

🤔 At this point, you might be wondering why or how this is relevant to you as a leader.

📌 Well, when I work with founders like you, I take on the role of Sarina.

☀️ I work with you to strengthen or build that next-level mindset that can help you achieve your biggest, boldest goals to date.

🔶 Great success doesn’t only depend on or come from strategy; in fact, strategy is just one of the components you need to multiply your results.

And once you’ve changed that mindset and belief, you can be an even greater Captain to your own team. You can coach them towards success and new results, show them how to harness their talent into incredible performances and make sure everyone is working to achieve something big, together.

Sarina got to know them, unified their goal, understood what motivated them to go the extra mile and expanded the potential of both the Captain and the team.

🚀 This is exactly what a Leadership and Mindset Coach can do for you and your team – they can bring out something that was unimaginable, exceptional and support you on your journey towards the next-level results.

What could your business achieve if you knew how to extract more potential from yourself and your team and increase performance by 50%?

🤔 What would your life and overall satisfaction look like if you found a way to increase productivity without hurting (but actually enhancing) your work-life balance?

🤔 And how would your team respond if you saw them as and empowered them to be the main source of your business results?

These are just a few of the questions I pose to my clients when we start our work together and once they open their mind to these new possibilities, the sky becomes the limit. I’m always excited to see what we can create for them and their team and I’ve witnessed incredible shifts in results.

📣I know that the true magic resides in the leaders slowing down and leading themselves first, looking at their beliefs, mindset and potential, as well as those of their team – because once they understand how to shift, lift and expand these, they can create a sense of togetherness, motivation and high-performance that can radically change the course of their business and industry.

👉🏽 So let me ask you, what would change for you if you were to work with someone like Sarina Wiegman by your side? How much quicker would you be able to achieve your goals or inspire your team to help you disrupt and impact your sector? 

If just thinking about the answers to these questions excite you and motivate you, feel free to DM me and book a complimentary call with me to learn more about how I can support you on this journey towards exceptional results.

I look forward to hearing from you

By Published On: August 11th, 2022

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