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Your results are a MIRROR of who you are BEING

🤔 When you look in the mirror, do you ever question whether the reflection you see is actually you?

Even if it is a sleepy or a poorly lit version of you, you know that this is you – your eyes, your smile, your face, your arms and your body that are being reflected back to you.

Whatever you do, the mirror mimics it back.  If we step back our reflection steps back too!

We are so accepting that the reflection is us that we often miss distortions.  When you wink at yourself in the mirror with your right eye, the mirror shows that it is your left eye winking!   But we never question this.  We just accept it.

📌 Just as the physical mirror reflects our body, our results are a mirror of what is GOING ON INSIDE US and who we are BEING.

To many this can feel challenging.

Let me tell you about one of my clients who has wholeheartedly embraced this truth and has been blown away by his results.

He is highly INTENTIONAL about who he is BEING.  He is diligent about how he is showing up.  He spends time every morning creating his identity.   He embodies his identity as the number one entrepreneur who positively disrupts his sector.

He knows that this impacts his confidence, his thinking, his feelings and his actions.  He finds that new opportunities and business just flow to him where previously it had felt like a struggle.

When he experiences situations that aren’t in his plan, he becomes compassionately curious about how he could be creating this outcome.   These reflections help him to uncover blindspots.

He reminds himself that the results are a mirror of him and that sometimes there may be some degree of distortion, that’s why he: 

✅  Reflects on who he is being.

✅  Reflects  on what the world is reflecting back to him.

✅  Asks himself what beliefs or assumptions he has that might be impacting his current results

✅  Considers what learning opportunities  there might be here for him and how those will help him grow into a new upgraded identity.

This journey hasn’t always been easy but I’ve been by his side with support, compassion and thought provoking questions. He has felt how tough it is to take this radical level of ownership, but with practice he has found it truly liberating, empowering and rewarding.

📌 Knowing his world is a mirror of who he is BEING has led to an exponential 600% growth in his business.  

Friends and family are blown away by his transformation.  He feels more empowered than ever. He now has a high performing and hugely reliable team and – most importantly – he has a new level of calm and contentment that previously eluded him.

🔶  Of course, the change has to come from us, from within, from who we are being. We can’t change the mirror in hope to see something different.

However, when we start to work on our internal shifts, and show up differently, the same mirror will reflect things differently.

As a leader this can initially feel perplexing as you’ve been told to fix the team and come up with a new strategy.  In our analogy, you’ve  been going to the mirror to try to solve the problems  and make improvements.

📣 But with the realisation that who you are being is the source of our results, you can experience a new level of empowerment and liberation. As a founder you realise that the starting point of creating new scenarios and transformations is with YOU 🚀.

And with this newly found sense of awareness and empowerment, you can be sure that any change you’ll make will give the positive, disruptive results you’re looking for.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

👉🏽  How does it feel to know that your results and circumstances are a mirror of who you are BEING?

👉🏽 And how does it feel to know that dramatic transformation and impact is fully within your power?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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The 21st Century Tool to Build High Performance Teams

We don’t all come from one mould. We have different motivations, desires and fears that drive our persona. As a business owner, have you had moments where you’ve had “people problems”?

🤔 Maybe you’ve found yourself with an employee not performing or delivering at the pace you want. Or maybe it was an issue with team members not collaborating or lacking alignment when you’ve got an important project to execute.

🤔 Have you been baffled why teams don’t get on and people don’t respond as you want them to?

📌 I see business owners who are really frustrated by these tensions and team dynamics.  They just want to grow their business and leverage their strengths to focus on the product or service they deliver.  The “people element” can feel like a painful and frustrating thorn in their sides. 

They realise they can’t build their business on their own – although at times it feels tempting to do so – and they see that they need to build a high performance, highly engaged team to help them achieve the growth and impact they want.

Yet, despite their efforts, these challenging team behaviours and dynamics just keep popping back up. When they first come to me, their frustration is evident and they say they know that there has to be another, easier way but they haven’t found it yet!

🔶 The good news is that there is an easier way indeed  – and that’s the Enneagram, a highly effective, impactful and enjoyable tool created for the successful leader of the 21st Century.

I have not always been a fan of personality tools as I feel that they can box you and give you labels, which can limit your thinking and your actions. With the Enneagram, you get exactly the opposite: it helps you see how YOU are boxing YOURSELF. Its results lead to huge realisations and show what’s under the surface of the superficial patterns of behaviour, so you can understand WHY you do what you do. All of that in a quick and enjoyable way.

🔔 You see, these “people challenges” stem from us not understanding “how people tick”.   

We don’t all come from one mould. We have different motivations, desires and fears that drive our personality, our thinking and our behaviours.  When we slow down and tune into these elements then we not only start to understand ourselves, but also the people around us and why we are experiencing the challenging team dynamics.

The Enneagram helps you uncover blindspots, develop growth paths, leverage strengths, and increase levels of trust and communication. Of course, as you gain this greater level of understanding of yourself and others, the results you REALLY want – greater levels of collaboration, leveraging strengths, innovation, higher margins and profits – appear.

🌳 I like to compare ourselves with an acorn.  You see the acorn has a hard shell that limits it, but inside it has the potential to become an oak tree.  Some acorns become oak trees and others don’t.  To become an oak tree, the acorn needs to create the right conditions, break through this shell and unlock that potential.  We are the same. We have a hard shell of fears, motivations, triggers that can keep us playing a small game.  By using the Enneagram, we dive deep into our conscious and unconscious patterns, understand them and eventually break open the limiting shell,  so that we can unleash our “oak tree potential”.

When we learn how to break out of our restrictive shell, the transformation that we can experience on a personal and team level is quite incredible, and even enjoyable and exhilarating.

🤔 So how do we create this desired transformation and the high performance team that will enable us to explosively grow our business?

The starting point is to understand yourself as a person and a leader and tune into the impact you are having on your team.  As the leader, your thinking and behaviour ripples out and impacts your team. By leveraging the Enneagram, you will deeply understand yourself, your triggers, fears, reactions and behaviour. Once you do, you can see which are working for you and how to leverage them to your advantage, and which ones work against you.

It’s important to realise that our behaviour affects the team. So let me ask you – is it possible that you may be unintentionally shutting the team down and causing the problems? I know this can be a painful thought, but it can also be a wonderfully liberating one when we realise that we can take ownership of our behaviour and create the solution.

Once you’ve used the Enneagram to reflect on your own personality and drivers, you can roll out this incredible tool to your team, so they increase their individual level of self awareness.  They will start to have their own lightbulb moments about the impact they have and gather a deeper understanding of their triggers and drivers. Then through discussion, you can build deep levels of understanding and trust between team members, and realise why there have been tensions.  Finally, the elephants in the room trott out and there’s a focus on solutions.

💪🏽 Most importantly, the Enneagram helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how to leverage and address them.

You might be thinking that this sounds time consuming or that spending money on your team might not be the wisest investment. I hear you – you have products to build, services to deliver or platforms to develop.  But let me give you a different perspective; if you have a high performing, highly engaged and collaborative team who can play to their strengths and minimise their weaknesses, then your levels of efficiency, creativity and speed of execution will increase and all of your products and services will come on line quicker and cheaper than you had anticipated.

📌 So reflect for a moment – how would it feel to know that by adding the Enneagram to your tool kit, you would become a more empowering leader who has a team of high performers that enable you to to MULTIPLY the bottom line of your business, in an effective, efficient and enjoyable way?

👉🏽 If you are ready to have an initial conversation and explore how the Enneagram can supercharge your leadership, help you build a highly effective team,  and achieve explosive results, send me a DM and we can book a exploratory call (not a sales call).

To your success, leveraging your strengths and building a high performance team!

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The ONE thing I wish I had known many years ago!

When we sold our business 2 years ago, I had already been coaching a lot “on the side”.  I had great clients and I could see the impact I was creating.  My clients were very grateful for their transformations.

I had thought the transition to full time coaching was going to be smooth because I loved coaching and I knew what I was doing.  I’d come out of every session incredibly energised.

But boy was I wrong!

It was hard.  I felt very frustrated.

Then the penny dropped.  I was focusing on what I was DOING and not who I was BEING.

📌  I hadn’t changed my identity – my state of BEING.

I still felt like the Managing Director of the business we had sold. It was a role that I’d loved. There was a sense of adventure to it, and the feeling of accomplishment was incredible.

I loved leading and empowering my teams towards growth, and I loved seeing the impact our events had on our clients around the world.

What a feeling it was! What a journey it had been!

After stepping into my coaching role full time though,  my emotions made me realise that it was time to let go of that old identity, just like a lizard sheds its skin.

It was time to fully embrace my new identity of empowering Leadership and Mindset Coach and make it my predominant state of being.

🔔  I remembered that who you are BEING and your identity are the source of all results.  We get a choice in who we are BEING, which means we can intentionally create or upgrade our identity as needed.

As I created and embraced my new identity, the magic started. I felt relaxed, clients flowed in, their transformations became more powerful.

Since that realisation, who I am BEING has been central to my own growth and success. What I’ve seen is that I’m on a journey of continuous growth and so I’ve been constantly and consistently upgrading and fine tuning my identity.

🔶  When I started this process, I created my own “Identity Document”, where I intentionally and mindfully defined and created who I am being.  Every time I evolved or expanded my goals, I added new  dimensions to my leadership and mindset coach identity.

I’ve continuously asked myself who I need to be to be even more empowering and impactful. This has led me to focusing on further strengthening qualities such as presence, playfulness and boldness.

I’ve also worked on who I was BEING for myself because, like many, I can be hard on myself.  I’ve brought it more self compassion and more loving kindness.

I read my Identity Document every day.  As I read it, I feel this new identity flowing through my body.

I know that I am CREATING and expanding my new way of BEING.

👉🏽   I now want to invite you to reflect on your own identity.

Once you create more awareness around what you need to upgrade and who you need to be in this phase of your professional life, results will come in quicker, bigger and better.

Below I’m sharing with you 6 questions that will help you to reflect, so you can  create your own identity document and experience the same transformational results I did:

  • Who do I need to be to reach my next level of success?
  • What do others see in me that I don’t see in myself?  Would it be helpful to build on these qualities?
  • What qualities do I think I lack?  What would happen if I could develop them?
  • What qualities do I admire most in other leaders?  What impact would they have on me if I consciously embodied them?
  • Be vulnerable. Who could I ask for feedback on your leadership?  Ask them  – What qualities hold me back and which ones could I develop to take your leadership to the next level?
  • Consider how hard you are on yourself.   Would I thrive if I became more self compassionate?

🔔  Remember you create yourself every day, so you need to CONSCIOUSLY upgrade who you are.

👉🏽   Comment below: What are 3 qualities that you could include in your identity document that will help you become the best version of yourself today? 

To you becoming the best, happiest and boldest version of yourself.

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Are you being DELIBERATE enough?

🔶 Many business owners go through life as if they are being swept along in a boat, heading down a river.

Some enthusiastically jump on boats that seem to appear at the right time and seem to be setting off on an interesting journey.

And often their journeys end up full of great adventures, challenges, achievements, and successes.

Sometimes, another boat comes around and so they take another chance by jumping onto that one – and start on a new adventure.

🔶 But…what I’ve been seeing lately is that many leaders, including dynamic business owners, rarely stop to question if jumping on the boat is what they REALLY want – if what they are doing is truly effective and adding value; and, importantly, whether or not they are becoming the leader they want to become and taking their company done the best route.

📌  Business owners feel the pressure to get results and they’ll make commercial decisions quickly rather than slowing down and deliberately questioning what they are doing, upgrading their mindset, reviewing what is really the best option or what they want to create.

How does this happen?

Well, it happens as a result of the stories we tell ourselves – i.e. “I don’t have time to slow down”; “This is what is expected of me”; “This is the leader I should be”; “I’ll take the opportunity in case another doesn’t come around.”

Soon enough, self-doubt creeps in and fuels the insatiable drive to keep going.

Naturally, you may wonder why this is an issue – particularly if you’re doing well. “What’s the harm in going with the flow?”

For some, it’s simply not an issue. Correct. But, through my work with exceptional business owners, I can see how they are wanting to ensure the following:

  • They are making the right decisions,
  • There is a well thought-out succession plan for their business,
  • They are adding maximum value,
  • They won’t have regrets,
  • They aren’t leaving potential on the table,
  • They become the best versions of themselves,
  • They truly disrupt industries,
  • They create an incredible legacy and impact,
  • They are creating the best results they can, and
  • They are creating a life of choice and not chance.

Why? Because they realise that they have ONE life, and they want to be the best version of themselves and unlock their full potential.

📣  These are the kind of leaders who know that they create their life one thought and one word at a time, so they choose to curate their mindset, their thoughts, feelings, and actions DELIBERATELY – at all times. 

What I am witnessing is that when business owners deliberately upgrade their mindset, their energy levels rise.

They have a renewed sense of purpose, new levels of excitement, they deliberately get rid of any blindspots and that they reach a whole new level of success for themselves and their businesses.

👉🏽  So, let me ask you: can you honestly say that you have been deliberately upgrading your mindset, making decisions and defining priorities to create the business, team and the results you want?

 What impact would it have on your life and your results if you decided to become more DELIBERATE? Take a moment to really think about it and jot down some thoughts on this.

💡 What impact would it have on:

  • Your results?
  • Your mindset?
  • Your leadership?
  • Your levels of fulfilment?
  • Your impact and legacy?
  • Your relationships?
  • Your happiness?

🔶 This is your reminder that you have one life and one chance to excel and create the legacy you envision for your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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