🤔 When you look in the mirror, do you ever question whether the reflection you see is actually you?

Even if it is a sleepy or a poorly lit version of you, you know that this is you – your eyes, your smile, your face, your arms and your body that are being reflected back to you.

Whatever you do, the mirror mimics it back.  If we step back our reflection steps back too!

We are so accepting that the reflection is us that we often miss distortions.  When you wink at yourself in the mirror with your right eye, the mirror shows that it is your left eye winking!   But we never question this.  We just accept it.

📌 Just as the physical mirror reflects our body, our results are a mirror of what is GOING ON INSIDE US and who we are BEING.

To many this can feel challenging.

Let me tell you about one of my clients who has wholeheartedly embraced this truth and has been blown away by his results.

He is highly INTENTIONAL about who he is BEING.  He is diligent about how he is showing up.  He spends time every morning creating his identity.   He embodies his identity as the number one entrepreneur who positively disrupts his sector.

He knows that this impacts his confidence, his thinking, his feelings and his actions.  He finds that new opportunities and business just flow to him where previously it had felt like a struggle.

When he experiences situations that aren’t in his plan, he becomes compassionately curious about how he could be creating this outcome.   These reflections help him to uncover blindspots.

He reminds himself that the results are a mirror of him and that sometimes there may be some degree of distortion, that’s why he: 

✅  Reflects on who he is being.

✅  Reflects  on what the world is reflecting back to him.

✅  Asks himself what beliefs or assumptions he has that might be impacting his current results

✅  Considers what learning opportunities  there might be here for him and how those will help him grow into a new upgraded identity.

This journey hasn’t always been easy but I’ve been by his side with support, compassion and thought provoking questions. He has felt how tough it is to take this radical level of ownership, but with practice he has found it truly liberating, empowering and rewarding.

📌 Knowing his world is a mirror of who he is BEING has led to an exponential 600% growth in his business.  

Friends and family are blown away by his transformation.  He feels more empowered than ever. He now has a high performing and hugely reliable team and – most importantly – he has a new level of calm and contentment that previously eluded him.

🔶  Of course, the change has to come from us, from within, from who we are being. We can’t change the mirror in hope to see something different.

However, when we start to work on our internal shifts, and show up differently, the same mirror will reflect things differently.

As a leader this can initially feel perplexing as you’ve been told to fix the team and come up with a new strategy.  In our analogy, you’ve  been going to the mirror to try to solve the problems  and make improvements.

📣 But with the realisation that who you are being is the source of our results, you can experience a new level of empowerment and liberation. As a founder you realise that the starting point of creating new scenarios and transformations is with YOU 🚀.

And with this newly found sense of awareness and empowerment, you can be sure that any change you’ll make will give the positive, disruptive results you’re looking for.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

👉🏽  How does it feel to know that your results and circumstances are a mirror of who you are BEING?

👉🏽 And how does it feel to know that dramatic transformation and impact is fully within your power?

I look forward to hearing from you.

By Published On: June 29th, 2022

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