When we sold our business 2 years ago, I had already been coaching a lot “on the side”.  I had great clients and I could see the impact I was creating.  My clients were very grateful for their transformations.

I had thought the transition to full time coaching was going to be smooth because I loved coaching and I knew what I was doing.  I’d come out of every session incredibly energised.

But boy was I wrong!

It was hard.  I felt very frustrated.

Then the penny dropped.  I was focusing on what I was DOING and not who I was BEING.

📌  I hadn’t changed my identity – my state of BEING.

I still felt like the Managing Director of the business we had sold. It was a role that I’d loved. There was a sense of adventure to it, and the feeling of accomplishment was incredible.

I loved leading and empowering my teams towards growth, and I loved seeing the impact our events had on our clients around the world.

What a feeling it was! What a journey it had been!

After stepping into my coaching role full time though,  my emotions made me realise that it was time to let go of that old identity, just like a lizard sheds its skin.

It was time to fully embrace my new identity of empowering Leadership and Mindset Coach and make it my predominant state of being.

🔔  I remembered that who you are BEING and your identity are the source of all results.  We get a choice in who we are BEING, which means we can intentionally create or upgrade our identity as needed.

As I created and embraced my new identity, the magic started. I felt relaxed, clients flowed in, their transformations became more powerful.

Since that realisation, who I am BEING has been central to my own growth and success. What I’ve seen is that I’m on a journey of continuous growth and so I’ve been constantly and consistently upgrading and fine tuning my identity.

🔶  When I started this process, I created my own “Identity Document”, where I intentionally and mindfully defined and created who I am being.  Every time I evolved or expanded my goals, I added new  dimensions to my leadership and mindset coach identity.

I’ve continuously asked myself who I need to be to be even more empowering and impactful. This has led me to focusing on further strengthening qualities such as presence, playfulness and boldness.

I’ve also worked on who I was BEING for myself because, like many, I can be hard on myself.  I’ve brought it more self compassion and more loving kindness.

I read my Identity Document every day.  As I read it, I feel this new identity flowing through my body.

I know that I am CREATING and expanding my new way of BEING.

👉🏽   I now want to invite you to reflect on your own identity.

Once you create more awareness around what you need to upgrade and who you need to be in this phase of your professional life, results will come in quicker, bigger and better.

Below I’m sharing with you 6 questions that will help you to reflect, so you can  create your own identity document and experience the same transformational results I did:

  • Who do I need to be to reach my next level of success?
  • What do others see in me that I don’t see in myself?  Would it be helpful to build on these qualities?
  • What qualities do I think I lack?  What would happen if I could develop them?
  • What qualities do I admire most in other leaders?  What impact would they have on me if I consciously embodied them?
  • Be vulnerable. Who could I ask for feedback on your leadership?  Ask them  – What qualities hold me back and which ones could I develop to take your leadership to the next level?
  • Consider how hard you are on yourself.   Would I thrive if I became more self compassionate?

🔔  Remember you create yourself every day, so you need to CONSCIOUSLY upgrade who you are.

👉🏽   Comment below: What are 3 qualities that you could include in your identity document that will help you become the best version of yourself today? 

To you becoming the best, happiest and boldest version of yourself.

By Published On: June 1st, 2022

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