🔶 Many business owners go through life as if they are being swept along in a boat, heading down a river.

Some enthusiastically jump on boats that seem to appear at the right time and seem to be setting off on an interesting journey.

And often their journeys end up full of great adventures, challenges, achievements, and successes.

Sometimes, another boat comes around and so they take another chance by jumping onto that one – and start on a new adventure.

🔶 But…what I’ve been seeing lately is that many leaders, including dynamic business owners, rarely stop to question if jumping on the boat is what they REALLY want – if what they are doing is truly effective and adding value; and, importantly, whether or not they are becoming the leader they want to become and taking their company done the best route.

📌  Business owners feel the pressure to get results and they’ll make commercial decisions quickly rather than slowing down and deliberately questioning what they are doing, upgrading their mindset, reviewing what is really the best option or what they want to create.

How does this happen?

Well, it happens as a result of the stories we tell ourselves – i.e. “I don’t have time to slow down”; “This is what is expected of me”; “This is the leader I should be”; “I’ll take the opportunity in case another doesn’t come around.”

Soon enough, self-doubt creeps in and fuels the insatiable drive to keep going.

Naturally, you may wonder why this is an issue – particularly if you’re doing well. “What’s the harm in going with the flow?”

For some, it’s simply not an issue. Correct. But, through my work with exceptional business owners, I can see how they are wanting to ensure the following:

  • They are making the right decisions,
  • There is a well thought-out succession plan for their business,
  • They are adding maximum value,
  • They won’t have regrets,
  • They aren’t leaving potential on the table,
  • They become the best versions of themselves,
  • They truly disrupt industries,
  • They create an incredible legacy and impact,
  • They are creating the best results they can, and
  • They are creating a life of choice and not chance.

Why? Because they realise that they have ONE life, and they want to be the best version of themselves and unlock their full potential.

📣  These are the kind of leaders who know that they create their life one thought and one word at a time, so they choose to curate their mindset, their thoughts, feelings, and actions DELIBERATELY – at all times. 

What I am witnessing is that when business owners deliberately upgrade their mindset, their energy levels rise.

They have a renewed sense of purpose, new levels of excitement, they deliberately get rid of any blindspots and that they reach a whole new level of success for themselves and their businesses.

👉🏽  So, let me ask you: can you honestly say that you have been deliberately upgrading your mindset, making decisions and defining priorities to create the business, team and the results you want?

 What impact would it have on your life and your results if you decided to become more DELIBERATE? Take a moment to really think about it and jot down some thoughts on this.

💡 What impact would it have on:

  • Your results?
  • Your mindset?
  • Your leadership?
  • Your levels of fulfilment?
  • Your impact and legacy?
  • Your relationships?
  • Your happiness?

🔶 This is your reminder that you have one life and one chance to excel and create the legacy you envision for your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments or connect with me on LinkedIn!

By Published On: May 19th, 2022

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