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Testimonials and Awards

“Tracy is a powerful and influential executive coach. She uses the perfect blend of intuition, experience and questioning to help you uncover what’s truly important to you and your business. I look forward to my weekly sessions, I always know that whatever I am facing in a given week, Tracy will have the questions I most need to consider, in order to unlock the best of my own answers and to commit to taking actions that will lead to the results I most desire.I can’t recommend Tracy enough, she is not only a very effective coach, but is also great fun to work with.”

Mandana White, Founder & CEO, SmartGrid Forums

“Working with Tracy for the last months has been eye-opening and a great experience. She has genuinely helped me to advance, provided strategy, and helped greatly to get clarity on my goals and vision. It was the base for being able to transform my business, as well as starting a couple of new ones, increasing my profit by 20% while actually working considerably less than before. My leadership team has stepped up as Multipliers which has really helped drive the growth of the business.”

Miles Lovegrove, Founder & Managing Director Fluid Branding

“Tracy helped me advance and liberate my thinking. Our sessions have provided strategy, and clarity on my goals and helped me transform my business and increase revenue, while working considerably less than before. She helped me find a better connection between life and work, without compromising on ambition.”

Maarten Schuth, Entrepreneur

“It is easy to recommend Tracy as I can say she has had a tremendous impact on the way i react to business and life challenges. Using practical methods to understand how we perceive ourselves to a more holistic spiritual focus provides for a very different and worthwhile coaching experience. Have come a long way in the last year and that is in no small part to the work that Tracy has undertaken on me. Highly recommend.”

Nish Kotak, CEO / Advisor / Investor

“I have enjoyed Tracy’s mentoring and coaching since we connected about a year ago. What sets her apart I think is the mindset and insights accumulated from working with “visionary enthusiasts” over years. She almost knows what my issues are before I get to them. And it feels good to know that she has extensive experience mentoring similar people. I value our meetings a lot – and it gives me time to think, reflect and pause. And she even adds value between the meetings! Highly recommended! If any questions about how this was for me, please feel free to reach out directly to me.”

Håvard Lillebo, Multi Entrepreneur

“Tracy is an amazing Leadership Coach. Her approach is defined by tons of knowledge, expertise and spot-on insights that make you think about your true strengths and weaknesses. As a business owner, I’m always interested in learning what I can improve or change to have a better work-life balance and to fully create the results I want for my business.

She helps you to question, get curious and invites you to be conscious of your own behaviour and how it may affect your work and results. Halfway through my session with Tracy, I suddenly found myself more aware of the subconscious behaviours that were contributing to me feeling more stressed about certain projects/clients, and drained in my own work. She invited me to reflect on it and promptly advised on how to change all that, so I could be more energised and better embrace the process of further growing my business.

Her warm, yet firm and experienced coaching style makes you feel understood, inspired and really confident to make few key changes straightaway.

If you’re a business owner and you want to find a strategic way to perform better, reclaim balance and get great results, I really couldn’t recommend Tracy more!”

Rosie Di Lecce, Founder, Saia Creative

“Since having coaching with Tracy, I feel like I have had my eyes opened. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the change in myself and my team, peers have commented on how I have changed, how confident I now am, I even did an ice breaker at our company conference in front of 75 people, never in a million years did I think I was capable of doing that. I am also so impressed with the engagement I am now getting from my team. I cannot thank Tracy enough for enlightening me!”

Miranda Hope, Finance Director, Fluid Branding

“Working with Tracy so far has been a dream. She made an instant impact on me personally, opened my eyes to just how important it is be aware of the impact of my thoughts and channelling my focus on my goals. I truly look forward to each session with her and know that this is the best investment I have ever made. I was looking to get to the next level and Tracy effortlessly breaks that down into achievable actions and ensuring I enter the “feeling of the wish fulfilled” as often as I can. If you want to improve the quality of your life and are prepared to work for it then Tracy will help get you there.”

Richard Morris, Managing Director, FirstWord Group

“When I started working with Tracy, I had hit a brick wall in my organisation. I just couldn’t find the motivation to go further. I struggled with my mindset and just didn’t know what to do next. After my first sessions with Tracy, things really changed and six months later, my organisation was flourishing once again. Now I have an excellent workforce and I have started my own business alongside being the CEO of my organisation. Tracy really gets to the core of you and, as a successful business leader herself, Tracy understands the intricacies, the challenges, and the pressures of what it takes to become and stay successful.”

Simmi Woodwal, CEO

“Tracy has an infectious energy and positivity in the way she coaches. Someone who is incredibly empathetic and an astute solution finder. She’s had a profound impact on how I’ve grown as a person, at work and in life. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Ian Aslett, Managing Partner, OMD EMEA

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